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Multi-Level Marketing

What is Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)?

Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) is a form of direct sales. These are companies that sell their products via independent salespeople instead of more traditional methods like physical stores and online stores. In order to make money in these companies, there is a large focus on recruiting others to your “downline”. MLMs are a controversial business model because the compensation model encourages people to constantly recruit.

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MLM Comp Plans & Income Disclosures Library

Note: The table below will either link directly to a PDF file or an article that has a PDF file at the bottom. There is a link at the top of every article that will skip you to the PDF, which I try to do in the same pink background as this box. Thank you!

MLMNotesCompensation PlanIncome Disclosure Reviews
Against All OddsFounded 2022Comp PlanNone*
Amare GlobalFounded 2016Comp Plan2022
AmwayComp Plan2021
AwakenedFounded 2022Comp PlanNone*
BeachbodyComp Plan, Highlights2021, 2020
Beauty SocietyComp PlanNone*
Bella GraceFounded 2022Comp PlanNone*
Black Oxygen OrganicsClosed 11/23/21Comp PlanNone*
Color StreetComp Plan2020
Dashing Diva/Diva LifeFounded in late 2022 and closed in Jan 2023Comp PlanNone*
doTERRAComp Plan2021, 2019, 2018
Essanté OrganicsComp PlanNone*
HB NaturalsFounded 2018Comp Plan2020 (Scroll to bottom)
Jordan EssentialsComp PlanNone*
LiveGoodFounded 2022Comp PlanNone*
MelaleucaComp Plan2021
MonatComp Plan, Definitions2020
Nu SkinComp Plan2021
NUTRAFiFounded 2022Comp PlanNone*
OPTAVIAComp Plan2021
Pure HavenComp PlanNone*
PrimericaComp Plan2020-2017
PruvitComp Plan2022, 2020, 2019
Rodan + FieldsComp Plan2020
ScentsyComp Plan2021
Young LivingComp Plan, Flyer2021
YoungevityComp PlanNone*
YOR HealthComp Plan2021

* If you have compensation plans or income disclosure statements that I don’t have above, please reach out to me and send them over and I’ll add them to this resource!

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