Against All Odds Compensation Plan

Against All Odds is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells Activ Greens. Today we will take a look at the details of Against All Odds’ compensation plan.

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Against All Odds Compensation Plan

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What is Against All Odds (AAO)

Against All Odds (AAO) is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that was founded in 2022 by Dan Putnam, Travis Martin, and JC Martinez according to Putnam appears to have a dicey past, and I strongly suggest if you’re thinking about getting involved in this company you go to the article to fully educate yourself.

What does AAO Sell?

According to their website, they only sell one product and intend to only sell one product at a time. This is what they have to say about their only available product at this time:

Our only product, Activ Greens, is a science-based cardio-health drink that tastes absolutely divine and is loaded with bioavailable nutrients that the body needs for optimum health and performance. This one product alone can replace multiple dietary supplements and is your backbone to not only helping support your daily nutritional needs, but helping you to sustain a longer, healthier, and vibrant life.

Activ greens is a powdered supplement, mix with water to consume. They run about $60 for a 30-day supply.

Against All Odds Compensation Plan

AAO Smart Contract

According to Against all Odds’s website, they use smart contracts. What is a smart contract? Well, according to the site:

A Smart contract is where the company promises to never give away positions, offer money deals, or place members into different spots in the tree. The compensation plan will never change and the payout will always be correct and on time.

This is an interesting choice because you would think the more products you sell, the more sales to customers you could have. One person can only consume so much of this supplement, but with additional

Against All Odds (Activ Greens) NFT and Crypto Payments

Another interesting aspect of this Against All Odds company is that they offer Blockchain NFTs. The below is directly from their website.

AAO recognizes the shift in the financial institutions of the world. AAO founders have been using and making money in the digital space for years. They want to bring what they have learned to give you the best experience in global payment and payout options.

Blockchain NFTs will be rewarded throughout the company for specific benchmarks and challenges.

Ways To Get Paid

Like all MLMs, the compensation plan for Against All Odds encourages you to build a team to maximize profits for the corporation and the top levels of the pyramid. This specific compensation plan allows for five ways to earn, which I bullet below.

Please keep in mind, you must have $50 of purchases each month to be active and rank up!

  1. Retail sales
    • Earn 50% of personal sales plus $1 on every customer purchase made on levels 1-5 and $.50 on levels 6-10
  2. Customer Bonus
    • Make $10 on every customer-referred AAO purchase, plus $.50 is paid uplines 10 levels
  3. Team Commissions
    • Earn up to 10% of the commissionable volume generated up to 10 levels of your team matrix
  4. Matching Bonus
    • Once you reach the rank of 4 Star Influencer, get a 5% check match on up to 10 generations of 4 Stars on your Team
    • To Reach 4 Star – you must have a $50 monthly order, 3 influencers under you, and $10,000 of Sponsor Tree Volume
  5. Guaranteed Minimum Check
    • Guaranteed minimum check of $100 for sponsoring 3 Influencers who each sponsor 3 Influencers

AAO offers a decent commission on sales, 50%. But what does this mean? There is a very large markup on the product. This means that there will likely be much cheaper competitors offering a similar or better quality product.

What is a Multi-Level Marketing Company?

Multi-level marketing is the type of distribution model some businesses choose to use. Instead of selling their product in stores, some businesses choose to use a sales team to directly sell their product to consumers. There are two types of direct sales – single-level marketing and multi-level marketing. Single-level marketing you earn commissions off the sales of the products you make. In multi-level marketing, the compensation plan focuses primarily on recruiting others to sell the products and less on direct sales to consumers. To read more about direct sales models – check this out: Single-Level Marketing (SLM) vs Multi-Level Marketing (MLM)

Some examples of multi-level marketing companies are Amway, Color Street, BeachBody, Tupperware, Norwex, and the list goes on and on. If you’ve ever been invited to a real party or virtual party where the entire purpose was for you to buy something or sign up to start your own business – that is an MLM.

Why are Multi-Level Marketing Companies Unethical?

MLMs are a very unethical business model. In my opinion, the reason any company chooses to set its company up as an MLM is because of the target audience they are going after. If a company sets up as an MLM, most of the sales of the product are a smoke screen for recruiting people into the business opportunity.

In this “opportunity”, you must spend $50 a month on the product, which means your upline immediately earns $25 in commissions. So, why waste your time selling to customers when you can sell the opportunity to people, and they keep coming back each month to try to “grow their business”? It is more of a sure thing.

MLMs engage in unethical recruiting tactics, often targeting people who are already financially distressed. There are also studies that show that 99% of people who join an MLM lose money.

For more info: Why Do People Hate Multi Level Marketing (MLM) and Network Marketing?

Final Thoughts

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