Bella Grace Collagen MLM Comp Plan

Bella Grace is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that sells a collagen elixir. Should you join Bella Grace to earn money? In my opinion – no. Let’s talk about why.

Bella Grace is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company or Network Marketing company that sells “Collagen Elixir” Thinking of joining Bella Grace as an ambassador or “influencer”? Then, please read this article to ensure you have all the facts!

As a reminder, I have an MBA, I am a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and have almost 15 years working in finance and accounting. These are my opinions based on researched facts and my understanding of those facts. However, this is not legal, financial, or tax advice. If you need legal, financial, or tax advice, you should reach out to a professional for a 1:1 chat! All opinions are my own.

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What is Bella Grace?

Bella Grace is an MLM that sells Collagen Elixir. They soft-launched in June 2022 and had their official launch party on October 21-22, 2022.

At the time of writing this article, which was shortly after their launch, they only sell a single product. The product they sell is called “Collagen Elixir”. According to their FAQs, they recommend taking 1-2 packets a day, and 30 packets cost $135 unless you subscribe for a discount. You can check the current pricing here. They state that this is a proprietary blend of VERISOL ® Collagen combined with AstaReal ® Astaxanthin and Cat’s Claw.

Who Started Bella Grace?

Bella Grace was started by CEO Meredith Bilbro, COO Brian Bilbro, and President Kristina Kajic. As mentioned above, the company was founded in 2022. According to their about page on Bella Grace’s website, Meredith has been a professional makeup artist for over 20 years. She has dreamed of having her own beauty line. Her husband helped make this dream a reality by teaming up with Kristina Kajic.

This is where they claim that they have come up with a new business model that combines affiliate marketing and an “influencer” marketing model. However, in my opinion, this is just a new way to try to disguise the company for what it is, an MLM. The MLM industry has been taking a lot of heat and the criticism of the industry as a whole has been gaining traction. Therefore, it is not a surprise they are trying to hide that Bella Grace is an MLM.

I cannot find any background on Kristina, her LinkedIn shows no other experience other than Bella Grace, and her Instagram was wiped clean and started fresh when she started with Bella Grace. With only 4,000 followers, her “influence” on Instagram is present, but not really a large following. In my opinion, she’s probably worked with other Network Marketing companies in the past. But her digital footprint has been cleaned up quite impressively!

Bella Grace’s Compensation Plan

An important fact to note about their Compensation Plan is that they are going out of their way to hide they are an MLM. They call their compensation plan a “rewards” plan. They call their business a “Social Marketing Business Model”.

However, they are just using buzzwords to describe the same old MLM/Network Marketing concepts.

Bella Grace Influencer Program

The one unique thing I see about the comp plan, that I don’t think will be utilized, is their influencer program. This is just like if you’re in an MLM and you’re in the bottom rank. This means you’re earning commissions, but not recruiting others to join you. After reviewing many income disclosure statements, this is not how anyone in an MLM gets rich.

They offer additional bonuses to those that are “influencers” who have not built a team. Their program has some perks after so many sales your commission percentage can increase, see the chart below, which I got from here. However, you can earn money this same way in any MLM but simply joining and selling the product. It just isn’t that popular, since the motivation is to rank up and earn bonuses that involve recruiting a team.

Ranking Up in Bella Grace

To rank up in Bella Grace, like any MLM from the rank of Ambassador to Grace Diamon Influencer, you must build a team. To get to the top level, you have to have a huge organization underneath you.

Bonuses and Compensation

Like any other MLM, the comp plan is complex and has a large focus on ranking up for the big bonuses. The larger your team, the larger your bonuses will be when you’re earning commissions on their sales. The full compensation plans can be found here, and you can walk through them.

Why You Should be Skeptical of Network Marketing/MLMs

Network marketing also known as multi-level marketing (MLM) is something you should have a healthy skepticism of (and in my opinion avoid). Let’s talk about some of those things:

The majority of people who get involved with MLMs lose money.

This has been proven time and time again by reviewing income disclosure statements and this study that was published by the FTC.

This study is a little dated, however, I have reviewed many Income Disclosure Statements and find that the results are still valid. See all the Income Disclosure Statements I’ve reviewed here.

The FTC warns that MLMs and Pyramid Schemes can look very similar.

The FTC has an entire article (click here to read) on its website that has a lot of great resources, including questions to ask someone who is looking to recruit you.

Many network marketers will argue their MLM isn’t a pyramid scheme because pyramid schemes are illegal. However, illegal things happen every day until people are caught. I would not give this any merit.

Final Thoughts on Bella Grace MLM

Bella Grace is jumping through hoops to not be a call a multi-level marketing company. They are using words like “reward program” instead of “comp plan” and calling those that join “influencers” instead of salespeople. If you join Bella Grace, you’ll likely lose money. Your job will be focused mostly on recruiting others to sell their products and a small focus will be on selling the product itself.

You can find the company here:

Do some research on #antimlm and the risks of joining a network marketing company.

I’d love to hear from you if you have questions, comments, or differing opinions. Find me on InstagramFacebook, or email me by going to my contact page.

Bella Grace Comp Plans – PDFs

I found two versions of the Comp Plan for Bella Grace – both attached for reference!

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  1. Hi there. I have been in MLM’s before. But only because I loved the product.
    So it’s been awhile since but I do have to say whether this company is a MLM or not the elixir is amazing and the best collagen I’ve ever tried and I’m 56 and I’ve been trying all of them for years! They are on to something. And I’m just saying that as a customer. Not as a person selling it. Although it has been tempting. It’s a great product and so is the skincare they launched. I’ve now got my husband talking both. I’ve never felt better and my skin looks amazing.
    Just had to share my two cents!
    Thanks and have a great day!

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