Is Maverick the Collection an MLM?

Recently, while in an Instagram scrolling black hole, I came across some Anti-MLM pages discussing Maverick the Collection and her responses to some recent criticism. This prompted me to go check them out. Is Maverick the Collection an MLM? Can you make money selling Maverick the Collection? Let’s discuss this.

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Is Maverick the Collection an MLM?

The company was a MLM, but as of April 2023, the company no longer is a MLM according to a post made by the owner on Instagram. As of April 2023 – the company will move to a wholesale model, where boutique owners can purchase their clothes and sell them in traditional methods. This is all detailed by the owner below.

Everything below this point is outdated as of April 2023 – but remains as a record of how the MLM worked.

The company was founded by Stephanie Jonas in 2018. The company had independent sales consultants, called Mavies, in every state in the US.

MLMs are a controversial business model, as many participants who join MLMs lose money. Some surveys claim up to 99% of people who join lose money. I’ve reviewed many MLMs and have found the percentage of those making money is usually less than 5%. In this MLM, 94% percent of the participants were in the bottom rank in 2020 and likely did not net any income after taxes and expenses.

Read more about why MLMs are bad, here: Are MLMs Pyramid Schemes?

What Does Maverick the Collection Sell?

Maverick the Collection sells clothing in sizes 0-18. They release 10-15 new styles every two weeks. I’m not a fashionista but looking at their website they had some very cute clothing. I wasn’t able to easily find anyone who had reviewed the clothes to discuss quality. However, I flipped through a lot of the #maverickthecollection on Instagram and saw a lot of positive comments.

How Much Money Does It Cost to Start with Maverick the Collection?

There are a few startup costs associated with joining Maverick the Collection.

  • First, you’ll need to purchase a starter kit of at least $75.
  • Next, you’ll incur a $20 a month administrative fee (although your first month is included in your $75 starter kit)
  • Then it’s estimated that you’ll spend an additional $200 a year on other business expenses. This was based upon a survey that Maverick the Collection themselves disclose in their income disclosure
  • You’ll need to spend money on inventory. The amount you purchase is up to you

So, without purchasing any inventory, in your first year, you incur $75+$220 ($20×11 months) + $200 = $495 minimum in your first year. Then, of course, most likely, you’ll want to purchase inventory.

What are the Ranks in Maverick the Collection?

Here are the ranks that can be found in Maverick the Collection. The ranks are as follows, and the requirements to be bonus qualified. PSV = Personal Sales Volume, TSV = Team Sales Volume; ATSV = Adjusted Team Sales Volume.

What is interesting about this MLM, is that TSV is your individual PSV + your teams’ sales volume. This does mean you can rank up without building a downline. You’ll just need to do a lot more in sales. In my opinion – I’m not sure how likely it will be to achieve these higher ranks as an individual without a downline. But it does look like the compensation plan has room for it. However, recruiting is obviously encouraged, as Team Sales Volume would be easier to meet with a team. There are also bonuses for recruiting downline – fast start sponsor bonuses.

The fact that you do not need a downline to rank up was confirmed by the owner in an Instagram post she made in response to a YouTube video (see below).

  1. Stylist – 500 PSV
  2. Lead Stylist – 500 PSV and 1,500 TSV
  3. Senior Stylist – 1,000 PSV and 5,000 ATSV
  4. Master Stylist – 1,000 PSV and 15,000 ATSV
  5. Director – 1,000 PSV and 50,000 ATSV
  6. Senior Director – 1,000 PSV and 150,000 ATSV
  7. Master Director – 1,000 PSV and 300,000 ATSV

In 2020, there were only 158 Stylists, 7 Lead Stylists, and 4 Senior Stylists. There was no one above the rank Senior Stylists. But in the Instagram post below, they state that currently, the company works with about 400 stylists (independent consultants).

What was the Maverick the Collection YouTube Drama?

If you’re here because you heard there was some YouTube conflict, this disagreement came from YouTuber Isabella Lanter – when she created this video. Isabella is a commentary YouTube channel that makes a lot of anti-MLM content. Go check out her channel for the full scoop on this. The Instagram post above was one of the CEO’s responses to that YouTube video.

Maverick the Collection’s Income Disclosure

A snippet of the Income Disclosure is below, this was taken directly from the Maverick the Collection website. They disclose the high income, low income, and average income for each rank. I do wish they disclosed the median salary for each rank, as that really tells a better story. But we’ll work with what we have! As you can see, there are at least three people making a decent salary, the three top earners for each rank. The averages are not really impressive in terms of creating a full-time income you can live off of.

If you take into account the amount earned per the average hours worked per week, this does seem attractive. However, I would take those averages with a grain of salt. These number of hours do not pass the sniff test to me, especially since they go up incrementally based on 5s. Since the people doing the sales are independent contractors, they do not get paid by the hour. Therefore, they are not punching a clock to track this time.

While many women are not successful in MLMs, I believe most of them work very hard. In my opinion, I believe most of the individuals at rank Stylists were likely working more than 5 hours a week to earn very little dollars. Especially after expenses and taxes.

Can You Make Money Selling Maverick the Collection?

There are some people who are making money selling clothes with Maverick the Collection. This is to be expected in any MLM. However, the majority of people in this MLM are Stylists (93%) and are making an average of $1600. I do assume that a lot of people in this rank are making less than the costs computed above, plus the inventory they are buying. While you can make money in an MLM, the majority of people will not make money in MLMs.

Is Maverick the Collection a Scam?

Maverick the Collection is a fairly new multi-level marketing company. There is not enough evidence publicly available to firmly state it’s a scam. There are some things that in MLMs are shady.

If you’re a part of any MLM, there are red flags to look out for. A big one is if you’re encouraged to create a customer account to get commissions/qualify for bonuses, you’re gaming the system to earn commissions for yourself and your downline. This falls into “pyramid scheme” territory because your upline is essentially earning commissions and bonuses off you buying a product (aka paying money to be a part of the company) without having to sell to independent customers. I am NOT saying this is something that Maverick the Collection is doing, as there is not enough information to know. But this IS something you should be mindful of in any MLM.

Should you join Maverick the Collection?

I would not recommend Maverick the Collection for anyone looking to earn extra income. This is my opinion, but I just feel like most network

Wrap Up

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