Anti-MLM – Comment on the FTC Business Opportunity Rule!

Dear Anti-MLM Community,

Hi everyone! It is once again time to take action. The FTC is asking for comments on their Business Opportunity Rule (which currently does not apply to MLMs) by January 24, 2023.

FTC Link to Rule and Info here:

The business opportunity rule governs what reporting and disclosures need to be completed with someone who is offering a business opportunity.

They are also asking: The Commission is also soliciting comments to inform its consideration of whether the Rule should be extended to include business opportunities and other money-making opportunity programs not currently covered by the Rule, including business coaching and work-from-home programs, investment coaching programs, and e-commerce opportunities. All interested persons are hereby given notice of the opportunity to submit written data, views, and arguments concerning the Rule.

There is a detailed list of the items they would like to comment on including in the link above.

Here is the link to existing comments:

Let’s work together to try to make an impact!



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