Does Beyoncé use Monat?

Monat is a company that sells shampoo and other beauty products. They use a multi-level marketing (MLM) structure to sell their products. On top of MLMs, there have been claims/speculation on social media that Beyoncé may use their products.

Beyoncé most likely does not use Monat products. There is no evidence that supports that Beyoncé uses Monat products. According to Vogue, Nakia Rachon is a hairstylist that has been associated with Beyoncé. Nakia Rachon does sell Monat according to her Instagram. However, there is no evidence that Monat products have ever been directly used by Beyoncé.

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Does Beyoncé use Monat?

Why do People Think Beyoncé uses Monat?

Nakia Rachon is a stylist who has connections to many celebrities including Beyoncé. When reviewing Nakia’s Instagram there are several pictures of Beyoncé, which I assume she helped style. Nakia also has a highlight pinned on her Instagram called “Join Me”. This is where she is recruiting others to join her to sell Monat. Some Monat consultants are using these connections to help promote Monat products. However, it should be taken with a grain of salt. Individuals with a lot of influence, such as Nakia can make a great deal of money in an MLM. But this does not mean she is using these products on her famous clientele. In fact, she even specifically stated her famous clients have not associated in any way with Monat. You can see that Instagram story on Detective_Lovey’s Instagram highlights under “Celebrity”.

You can see below how people are connecting the dots between Monat and Beyoncé through Nakia.

Flawed Logic – Influencers’ Motivation to Join MLM

While Nakia is obviously very talented and has a famous clientele to back that up, it is my opinion you should not let that influence you to use Monat. Her involvement with Monat is not necessarily an endorsement of the product – although it certainly could be her personal position. With the influence Nakia has, it makes a lot of sense for her to join a multi-level marketing company. People in Multi-Level Marketing (MLMs) rank up and make more bonuses and commissions with a larger downline. With her celebrity connections and significant following, it completely makes sense that joining an MLM could be a very lucrative endeavor for her.

For a detailed Instagram Post with even more receipts on if Beyonce uses Monat check out makeitmakenosense, and give her a follow while you are there!

How Much Can You Make Selling Monat?

The majority of people who join Monat will not make any money. According to their own 2020 income disclosure statement, about 95% earn mostly nothing, but up to $2000 per year. However, there is a small percentage of people who are high-ranking and making significant amounts of money. With the highest-ranking individuals making millions. In order to rank up in Monat and any other MLM, you need to recruit people to sell under you, and the bigger the team gets the higher you rank up.

It makes sense that people with a large influence that also have ties to celebrities could be those that have a much larger chance to recruit others into their downlines. People who are huge fans of Beyoncé may feel a little more connected to her by joining the downline of someone who can tell direct personal stories about her. So people may just join (and spend/lose money) to get the contact of that person.

However, just because Nakia does Beyoncé’s hair and also works in Monat to make additional funds – you should not assume she uses Monat products on Beyoncé’s hair. You also should understand her involvement with Monat may only be for her financial benefit, and the money she makes from Monat is not something you yourself can likely replicate with ease.

Is Monat a Quality Hair Product?

Is Monat a good quality hair product to use? This is where we get into the grey area. There are certainly many people out there endorsing it, but that is also because they are selling it. Of course, you’re going to discuss how amazing your product is that you’re trying to earn a commission off. However, Monat does have a history with those claiming that it actually burns their scalp or makes their hair fall out.

There are many complaints on the Better Business Bureau site, as well as news articles that outline complaints about hair loss. So I’d strongly suggest doing some research before deciding if Monat is right for you!

Wrap Up

You can read more about what I have to say on Monat here: Is Monat a Pyramid Scheme or Scam?

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